Effect of various aero thermal conditions on the drying kinetics of some building materials using solar drying, the case of ordinary earth mortar

M. Kouhila / Cadi Ayyad University / Morocco

Moisture is one of the most deteriorating factors of building materials. The deteriorating effect of moisture occurs mainly during the drying phase, not in the wetting phase. Environmental factors, such as air temperature, air humidity, and air velocity affect drying materials. A solar dryer operated in forced convection was used to explore the drying performance of Moroccan Earth Mortar (ordinary earth mortar). Experimental measurement was investigated at four temperatures (20, 30, 40 and 45°C) for a fixed air velocity of 0.20 m/s. Results of drying curve shape showed only the presence of phase 2 of drying curves which corresponds to the falling drying rate period. The rate of moisture content by dry basis varied from 9 to 13.8 % (d.b) and increased when the temperature increased as well as the drying rate.