Dr.-Ing. Ahmet LOKURLU

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Dr.-Ing. Ahmet LOKURLU

Senior Mechanical Engineer
Senior Energy and Process Engineer
Senior Industrial Engineer

After graduating from the Mechanical Engineering Department of Erciyes University in Kayseri in 1987, he completed his master's and doctorate studies at Essen University in Germany. After completing his master's degree in Energy and Process Engineering at the University of Essen, he completed his master's degree in Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Aachen.
In 1998, he did his first doctoral study on fuelcells. He was accepted as the father of a new trend in the world with the solar cooling system he developed while he was at the Research Center Jülich, one of the world's leading Research Centers, where he worked as a scientist.
Living in Germany since 1987, Dr. LOKURLU has been deemed worthy of numerous awards (32 awards so far) in many countries of the world for these works.
Dr. LOKURLU, who received the World Energy Oscar three times, was declared the World Environmental Hero of the century by TIME journal with personalities such as Al Gore and Prince Charles.
In addition to his other studies, he is currently doing his second doctoral study on ethics in Philosophy.
He established his company named SOLITERM in Aachen, Germany in 1999 and developed a technology that protects the environment and brings profit to humanity in order to present it to all humanity around the world within his own company. The other branch of SOLITERM is also in Turkey. The company has become a world leader in the development of environmentally friendly energy supply systems by reinforcing its highly specialized know-how with its own up-to-date inventions.
Dr. LOKURLU, who was nominated for the Alternative Nobel Prize by the German Parliament for his work, has reached the final stage of the award.
Dr LOKURLU, who also advises many German Politicians, not only explains how human values can be applied hand in hand with nature all over the world, but also applies it in all his systems.
As an organization, SOLITERM Group provides the integration of solar energy technology at high temperatures, buildings and factories into the existing energy system. In addition, engineering solutions such as solar air conditioning, co-generation systems, process heat generation and use with solar energy, propulsion systems of micro turbines are the services SOLITEM offers to its customers.
SOLITERM Group continues its success with its successful collaborations with domestic and foreign partners and always shows interest in new collaborations.
Dr. Ahmet LOKURLU, who speaks German, English, Russian and French, is married and has a child.

Some of Awards for Dr.-Ing. A. Lokurlu
R.I.O. Innovation Prize
Energy Globe Award, Category “Fire”
Global 100 Eco-Tech Awards
European Solar Prize
World of Wonder Innovation Award
Award for Sustainable Innovation
TIME Magazine Global Hero of the Environment
Kyocera Environment Prize
National Energy Globe,
Award for Innovation and Excellence (ICHEME), Highly Commended
Industry Award, category: Energy & Environment
Some of our Awards for Dr.-Ing. A. Lokurlu

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